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10 MUST ASK Questions For Building a New Home

By Design Custom Home Concierge provides the highest level service for all your custom home building needs. Experienced luxury home real estate professionals who love making your dream home come true. With our research, as well as our interviews with custom home professionals we have created an extensive resource list of reliable service providers which includes: architects, builders, lenders, interior designers, lighting specialists,  audio video specialists, and much more, right down to stocking your wine cellar.

So, whether you are ready to BUILD your custom dream home or FIND your dream home. 

Whether you currently live in Austin or half-way around the world 

- we have developed a proven system to facilitate the  custom home process, to make the

most efficient use of your time, resources, and balance the custom home

work-life experience, AS WELL AS have fun along the way!  

Serving Austin and the Highland Lakes of Texas.

 - Are you a busy executive or professional who dreams of having a beautiful custom home, one built just for you, that has everything you want and nothing you don’t BUT you don’t want to have to quit your job OR give up your life to do it?

Relax!   Now you don’t have to – we created By Design Custom Home Concierge Signature

Systems℠ just for you!

- Are you overwhelmed at just the thought of having to find the right home site, the right

builder, architect, interior designer and all the other services and contractors that are

necessary to build a luxury home?

Imagine if you had someone who could do the research and interviewing for you.  Imagine if

you could be presented with only the best choices for your project, lifestyle, personality and

budget.  You don’t have to imagine any more – we’ve done the work so YOU can have the

fun of building your dream home!

- Have you heard the horror stories from friends, family or associates about all the time and

frustration that building a new home can involve?

With a process that can take over a year or more to complete, our clients have told us that

investing in our service has saved  them time, frustration, and money.

- What if you don’t even live in Austin yet!   You might be asking yourself “who can you

trust to find the right location, the right builder and the right team for my new home”?  


Welcome!  You’re in the right place!  We’ve developed the By Design Signature Systems℠ to

guide you seamlessly through the process of building or finding YOUR dream home!


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